Buying Advice - eBay MPP

Hi all,

I’m still looking for a replacement for my underwater MP and have been watching this MPP on the 'bay.

It seems cheap for an MPP and Fly more kit, in fact less than I paid for my MP.

Should I be wary as there are few details and the seller has no track record?

I’ve messaged them for flight record and battery details, so may get a better idea.

Advice welcome after other recent ebay problems for GADC members


I’ve just sold my MMP a couple of weeks ago for £725 and this drone was for sale then, the exact same listing, I watched it right to the end do get an idea what I may get/offer mine for, and it “sold” for over £800 so either the buyer didn’t pay or there was something wrong with it. I mean I could be wrong and it could be perfectly fine.

What think is odd though is it’s running two different types of props, it doesn’t seem to well presented and for me when I’m selling or buying expensive items like a £1000+ drone and accessories I’d like a little bit more information then “manufacturer refurbish”.

I just double checked the add but I’m pretty sure props don’t usually come in bags like the ones in the photo or at least mine didn’t DJI products are normally very well packaged and present a lot like Apple.

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Screenshot 2020-06-07 at 13.25.48


I’d avoid, unless you’re close and can arrange to meet


Thanks @lewiswaite23, it did seem a bit suspicious to me.
It could be one of ‘those’ perennial listings and is a tempter to lead someone into trouble.

I agree that I’d want more info, hence the request to the seller.

I noticed the mismatched quiet props too, and that added to the fishiness of the whole thing.

Did you go for an Air 2 as a replacement?

@milkmanchris, yes the 0 feedback was a the main driver of my concern here.

Thankfully it’s too far away to be tempted to meet and inspect the MPP.

I bought my MP and collected it about an hour away, and was initially suspicious as we had to meet in the park rather than his house…

He turned out to be a PFCo who checked out OK, his house was in a military NFZ!

Woah yeah defiantly stay away from them

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Yeah I had the MMP but wanted something a bit smaller and compact but just as capable as the MMP, but I think if you’re looking into the Air 2 maybe hold off a month or so to see if there’s any changes with the air sense being introduced to European models, I only bought it as it didn’t really bother me not having it.


Scammers heaven ebay ;o(

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Well maybe I don’t really buy on it but the one time that I did I bought a P4 battery - great condition (new)

What pisses me off than anything, is the people who pull listings at the last minute or suddenly discover the item is broken (because they haven’t got as much as they’d been expecting.



It’s an old trick. If they get someone offering to pay cash or debit transfer outside of PayPal, they will withdraw it from sale saying it’s broken to avoid paying PayPal fees, as well as if they haven’t got what they want for it. Can’t blame someone for trying to avoid the extortionate PayPal fees, but it’s not nice and outside of paypal protection if it all goes sour. Where money is involved, people will do anything to get it, or keep it.


Yeah, we have had our share of that, not so far from home either !.
Why put things for sale, then (as you say), they don’t get what they want for it, then go bleating about it !, Wankers !


I won an auction for a rc hovercraft a couple of years ago, my winning bid was 1p, the seller was happy to send it at that price (it was free postage). But I couldn’t let him do that so covered the cost of postage, so there are decent sellers out there.


One bid, so someone ‘bought’ it…

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Saw mini fly more combos on eBay this week. £14.99 free postage. Loads bought apparently.
Obviously legit and a great bargain!


Wonder how many Mugs went for that one !.


Rather belatedly, changed your topic title to something a little more informative than “Buying Advice”, or we’d have so many the same. :wink:
Let us know if there’s a title you’d rather it to be. :+1:

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Thanks @GADC_Committee, much appreciated, I’ll be more descriptive with my titles in future. :+1:

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