Bye bye big brick bando. 😭

This was an awesome location, the abandoned Stewartby Brickworks, only got to fly here the once. Just found out they blew the towers down this weekend. :sob:

Photo credit: Joshua Sherwood on FB (would link direct but don’t use FB and can’t seem to copy link correctly, sorry!)

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Not mine


Am gutted they’re gone.

And that I missed them going! :disappointed:

Please don’t apologise for not linking to FB :blush:


Even wondering this for a while as a non-FPV type, and this seems a good place to ask…

What the hell is a bando?

New to me too, believe its an abandoned building (or tower) you can freestyle FPV around .


An abandoned building :+1:t2:

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Well now it seems obvious :joy: Cheers :+1:

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Us FPVers love an acronym/abbreviation :rofl:

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You mean acro/abbv surely?

But acro is already short for acrobatics :rofl:

Thought that was air mode these days!