Bye Spark

Ok so permission from the police here in sorrento to fly my mavic spark…got some amazing shots and stills. Then decided to do hanger 360 in marina grande
fully charged battery and remote including my mobile.
Started hanger 360…all ok 14 sats did countdown then went to 300ft. Performed lens calibration 0-16% failed then again 0-20%…it failed. Cancel mission and return to home. Nothing, remote was red, lost signal and transmitting of image. That was it…gone forever.
Bye spark…gutted.

Oh crap!

Gutted for you! :cry:

Got some amazing stills man…and my polar pro 32nd and 64gb card.
I think it’s sitting in a villa garden owned by Russians…metal gates all around, did ring the bell to check, but no one in…guess best not make contact as may get done for spying…lol
Will get another one, great little machine. The info co-ordinates on dji show same start point, but nothing at all on hanger 360.
Will see what they have to say at hanger

If you get another one immediately, you can fly into that garden and see if the lost one is there! LOL! #PerhapsNot

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Gutted mate :cry:

Gutted for you mate.

Would be interested to see the flight log for that flight.

Sorry to hear this. Buy a ginger wig and ring the bell again they’ll think it’s Trump and let you in

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Haha yep…maybe not

Got one …Tried it…didn’t work
Mind the door handle had something on it…

Dji app showed full flight plan on flights with DJI Go
But the hanger 360 gives you nothing…it just flew straight up to 300ft then the app lost all sync, and the remote went red…looked up and nothing.
Interesting that on the beach earlier on today someone had a 3ft wide 8 prop job with two remotes complete with monitors and the works. They took off within 3ft of the crowd…and looking at the monitor this thing was going crazy, monitor screen was just noise…no picture. Defo something going on with jamming or something…just as well it wasn’t my Air…

Thanks mate…I am mega pissed off and I got some amazing pics looking from above. And it’s only day 2 of my hols …

That’s harsh but like you said at least it wasn’t the Air.

If your getting another, Scan have DJI refurbs for £299.

Enjoy the rest of your holiday mate.

Looking at the flight before, it’s full of errors
Yaw, gps, magnetic, compass interference.
No wonder it vanished…
Lesson learnt


Just bought a NEW Spark today…£400 ish with remote and extra battery, USB charger …so selling Spark remote and one battery, as I still have mine …so should get some money back at least …

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Just need a spare holiday, now …. :wink:

Hope you still had a fab holiday. Such a pretty part of the world!

It was amazing, will go back, but will leave both my AIR and SPARK at home. Capri was also amazing, but expensive.

At least you didn’t have to suffer Capri on Easter Monday … the whole of Naples goes there for a day out. It’s totally crammed packed!

Don’t chicken out of taking your drones. The best pics of my time in Italy, last summer, were all taken on the MP.

Any news from logs/Hangar as to what actually went wrong?

Let’s face it … whatever happened in Italy could just as easily have happened here in UK.

Hanger have gone quiet. Only a sorry for your loss. I have sent 4 emails at least and not a thing back. No log on DJI Go as it was running only on Hanger 360 Beta update. Did check my log from the flight the day before and its a nightmare. Yaw issues…ATTI mode…Magnetic field interference etc etc. So defo jamming from 10M villa owned by them russians me thinks.

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A pro company had a massive drone on the beach and they had major issues with images coming back onto monitors, and the gimble was all over the place.

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