CAA Clarification on operator currency requirements

Following on from our previous update on 9 April we wanted to provide extra information on operator currency requirements. The relaxation of the two hours flying currency requirements applies only to operators who are in the process of renewing their Permission. It does not apply for operators who are not renewing. Therefore operators not due to renew within this period, are not required to carry out the one hour of flying before a commercial task is conducted

It’s nice to have the reduction , but I do see a flaw. They say you need to do an hour before a commercial job to ensure the systems are working, doh! I do that in 15min before each job, and who’s to say that the hour flight time has to be on the same craft. Plus how many operators have enough batteries to do a hours flight plus complete the job. ( luckily I do)?
I don’t think they fully understand drones yet.

It says that you don’t have to do this for every job.

“This only has to be done once at your next commercial task and not each and every one as you would have ensured your unmanned system is working correctly and you are confident in operating again after not being able to carry out your currency flights previously.”

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Ah ok