CAA increase drone registration fee

CAA have just increased their fee for SUA registration :

UK Drone and Model Aircraft Registration and Education Scheme (DMARES)

Any SUA operator who applies for an initial registration under article 94D of the ANO and thereafter for an annual re-registration under the Scheme must pay to the CAA a charge of £10, payable upon each application for initial registration and thereafter on each application for annual re-registration to the CAA.

Another above inflation increase …

Bar stewards …


Gone from 9 to 10? Yeah above inflation… Unfortunately it might not be soon… Heard 8% soon. Ergh, sorry off topic?

Damn, could have renewed last week, and now have to pay another pound… Better get that done, got till end of month!


Just done my initial registration in time then at £9, do I get notified to renew annually? & do I keep the same registration number? Thanks,

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I’ve just been notified so yes to that question (assuming your email address is right), and I do believe you keep the ID.

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From now on you should.

They changed the format of the numbering after year 1, but this year I’ve kept the same one.

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Yep so did I.

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I only registered last week luckily. I didn’t see any reference to rates going up, so they did this without any notice!

Just renewed mine (lucky remembered, expires tomorrow!). Was £9 still, sure that’s what i paid last year? Also my ID stayed the same FWIW

So seems only new applicants will be charged £10?

I renewed mine yesterday for £9.

Just re-checked - the effective date is 31 March 2022 :+1:

and so it begins…

Effective from 2nd April 2022, the CAA has increased its price for drone and model aircraft registration (the CAA Operator ID) from £9 to £10 per annum.

Someone has to pay for the cheese and wine parties.

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Doesnt exactly break the bank though.

It’s a higher percentage rise than car VED, which went up by just over 5.2% yesterday (as I found out when I went to pay my for my motorbike), but something else along with gas, electric, council tax, national insurance, phone, water rates, etc. There will be a few belts being tightened this year for certain.


It’s going up again, 20% increase :scream:

Yes, it’s in line with inflation, but who’s making sure our incomes are also in line with inflation, eh? :frowning:

And what do we get for our £10 £12 per year, other than a number to stick on our toys? I know they have to administer and (sometimes) enforce the regulations, but does that really cost them £2m p.a.? What have the CAA ever done for us?


Wot? people cutting back on buying Mavics and accs?..surely not!:rofl::rofl::rofl:

Yeah and they don’t even send us the sticker bit :scream:


In two letters, F & A.

When I used to pay a fee for my amateur radio license I could call on OFCOM to investigate any interference issues I was having. When they scrapped the fee they also scrapped any protections we may have had.

I haven’t gone angling in years, but are rod and line licenses still a thing. I thought the revenue from these licences went back into the upkeep of the water ways.

I must admit I’ve been giving some serious thought to grounding my flying toy collection. I haven’t renewed my BMFA membership for the following year as I’m waiting to hear the results from my flying club AGM and if they’re going to increase membership fees again as I believe the land owner is raising the rent. This year was quite costly in that regard as I only got to fly three times due to health issues.

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