CAA PfCO - What's Involved and what it costs (neither is good...)


Well, I bit the bullet and went for my CAA PfCO - Permission for Commercial Operations.

If you’re wondering what it involves, take a look. I make my views fairly clear :slight_smile:
@PingSpike, did you mention Grey Arrows forumites get a discount on UAV8? If so, I’ll amend the link…



UAV8 PfCO Training - Exclusive GADC discount code



Perfect. Link to that post now updated on the video description.

Cheers, Ian



Good information and video, thanks, Ian.

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Thanks for a very informative post Ian, has changed my opinion of whether I want to do the PfCO !.
My brain retention is not as good these days, I fear that it may fry my grey matter, with all the input of data over a short period of time.
I will sit on the fence a bit longer to see what happens later this year.

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Well, the chaps at UAV8 were very thorough and stressed they wooudl work with anyone who seemed to be struggling.
Let’s see what happens this year though; maybe they’ll bring in a relevant, interesting and appropriately aimed course and test on two levels; one for hobbyists and a more in-depth but still relevant one for commercial operators, all at a reasonable price.
(Looks for flying pigs emoji…) :slight_smile:



I quite fancied doing it but I decided against because of the cost. Also, at 62yrs, I felt that I was unlikely to be able to make a decent enough business out of it, especially in view of the restrictions that the CAA seem to have in the pipeline.

I will probably just end up either as another one of the outlaws or just sell up and play with something else in my spare time.



Haha! What a load of old crocks we are @chrisjohnbaker and @paul.wingfield :smile: I’m the oldest of the lot at 67 but still having lots of fun!



You still have some catching up to do, then. :wink:



Sorry but I live in Britain not Ireland where common sense reigns supreme. We’re obsessed with keeping a 300ft safety zone for drones. We live in a country where it’s considered safer to inspect a roof by ladder rather than send a drone up by a skilled hobbyist.
It’s not just the cost and my age that’s putting me off… It’s the CAA!

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