Cadishead Railway Bridge - Added to Bridges in the North West region on the map at

I have just added this to the UK Map of places to fly your Drone at


always nice to see this place… especially when you’re hanging off a rope :slight_smile:


Any issues being so close to Barton?

The no fly zone for Barton only just finishes within 150 - 250m of where I think this was taken… If you didn’t check prior to flying, then I’d advise that you always do in future.

Airspace maps are available online and there are a ton of apps like Android’s Kittyhawk or Apple equivalents.

Fly safe.

Its outside the zone.

And quite a bit more than 150m outside the zone, as shown by my red circle on the map.
I always fly responsibly, and use apps to ensure I do. I don’t need policing, but thanks for your concern though :wink:

My apologies, wasn’t policing. More the opposite that you weren’t in Barton’s Airspace.

That said several of the UK airside maps show the Barton class A airspace far closer to the railway bridge than the DJI one.

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No problem; and sorry for the abrupt resposne…everywhere you post these days, someone is ready to jump in with tones of you shouldnt do this, do you know the rules etc, so, I guess I over reacted, having taken it as that. :neutral_face:

It’s no worries. I know what you mean.

This looks like a good place to do bridge dives with my GT2.

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I would like to fly there because I live in Cadishead so could you tell me who I need to get permission from to fly there and is it legal distance from the main road?

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Just stick to the drone code and you’ll be fine