Caernarfon Castle, Snowdonia, North Wales

A few glorious days away in North Wales. Here is the first.

Check out for much more.


Great! Just come back from NW. A magnificent castle and your vid does it justice.

Wow excellent flying !!
You did well getting permission - I am directly opposite on Anglesey and usually cannot fly the SW tip of the island due to Caernarfon “airfield” giving a NFZ.

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I did not get any warnings at all. Having said that, I perhaps should have checked the NATS app instead of just relying on DJI.

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Looking on dronesafe again, it shows this for Caernarfon:


If only there was a web site that showed both NATS airspace and the (over exaggerated and made up) DJI NFZs at the same time :thinking:



That one aint accurate as the blue line tends to wander up the Straits at random - sometimes its ok to fly, other times it gets a red flag - I guess it depends how busy Caernarfon is with the private pilots etc. PingSpike’s one is more accurate as the lines DO fan out randomly. Because of this I tend not to use any of the apps, I just fire the drone up and if I don’t get a red flag then its 3 batteries and off & away lol

Haha, I tend to do the same. Good on you.

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