Calshot Spit

Intentionally no audio - it was totally silent there this morning @ 6:45am (except for this one frigging annoying drone … oh - mine! Ooops!)


Beautiful colours. Thanks for sharing.

I had no idea where Calshot Spit was - had to look it up. Looks good. Apparently there’s a castle down there.

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Yes - there is - English Heritage. :frowning:
Luckily, the castle is all they have and not any of the land around.
There is a marine radar/coastguard lookout (MASSIVE tower) and a Lifeboat Station. I kept a low profile around them.

Castle and Coastguard tower …

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Lifeboat station raises an interesting point. Any idea what the reception is likely to be if I say I want to film the local crew doing their practices? Might make for interesting footage.

It’s not a big one … inshore, only, I believe …. RIB, or similar.

Hamble, across the water, and all up Southampton Water and down toward the Isle of Wight is the mecca for sailing … so really busy in the summer.

Good photo. Ground based, or flying low?

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Copy/paste Google Streetview. :wink: :wink: :wink:

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Next time someone wets themselves about a drone, wave that at them.