Camber Castle - Added to Castles & Fortifications in the South East region on the map at

I have just added this to the UK Map of places to fly your Drone at

This was my first planned trip out with the P4P, I didn’t have the colour grading right, also still learning about post production so not as good as i had hoped…


Go easy on those joysticks tiger :smiley:

Anywhere nearby to park do you know?

Thanks for sharing :+1:

Great opening shot.

yeah I get a bit excited!!! I’ve attached a screen shot, I parked in the red circle and theres loads of space on that road, but there is a pay and display where the yellow arrow points too, then follow the path (red arrow)

its a 25-30 minute walk but pleasant enough.

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Thanks Callum, still learning… the video as a whole is to long, but ill know for next time.

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