Camera crashing....grrr!

Soooo…switching from movie mode to still camera mode seems to cause the camera functions to freeze. Still camera button greys out, won’t respond to switch it back to movie. Everything else seems to work fine although menus seem a little sluggish…I thought it could be the formatting of the sd card but I did a full reformat and still have the same issue. What do we think? Corrupted card? Any ideas?

What card are you using ?

I’ve been searching. Someone on here had an issue that wasn’t the same but had a similar ring to it.
They either re-flashed the firmware or un-installed/re-installed Go4 and solved the problem.

I’ll continue to try and remember/find.

This was the one I was remembering …

Which drone ?

Android or iOS?

Mavic pro and Android on a Samsung note 8

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Reinstalling DJI go did the trick! (For now…! )