Camera recommendations

In my fleet I have three Vortex 285’s, on one I fitted a HS1177 camera a few years ago and the other two have the standard FS 700TVL camera as supplied.

Yesterday I flew a friends Vortex 250 and I was completely blown away with the FPV feed. The only way I can describe it is it was like flying in HDR. It didn’t matter if I was flying into the sun, both the ground and sky were perfectly exposed. With the standard cams and the HS1177 I could have the ground visible and the sky blown out, or the sky visible and the ground just a black expanse.

The camera on my friends Vortex was the Runcam Eagle V2 Pro, so my question is what other cameras are the FPV folk on here using that might be comparable to the performance of my friends Runcam?


Anything RunCam or foxeer pretty much

When I was analog I used RunCam racers and foxeer monster 3 cameras.

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Thank you for the reply and recommendations, James. I find that during the day, around the midday, and the sun is out that my current cameras are, at best adequate. But as the Sun gets closer to the horizon, or it’s overcast, it becomes less of a pleasant flight.

I’ve found the Runcam Racer at Unmanned Tech with two lens options (1.8mm and 2.2mm) but I think this may also be installed on one of my Riot 250Pro’s that I have yet to take out of its box. I will have to launch an expedition into my play room to find it tomorrow. I’ve only found the Foxeer Monster in its Nano format so far, search results for UK suppliers usually ends up with “Page not found”. I may end up saying “Sod the expense” and buy some Eagle V2 Pro’s as the image quality in my goggles really was exceptional.

Again, thank you for your recommendations, James.