Campsie on the Tay


@mynameisjoe if you use the embed html code instead of just the URL you get a much nicer onebox preview


I know, I just keep forgetting, thanks

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A bit more water than when I paddled thru there!

I’ve paddle it a few times as well, but I avoid the rapids and rocks in my homebuilt canoe!!!

Much lower levels!

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A wee video of my home built canoe and its maiden voyage. My strokes still need some work but I’m getting there.


Nice little canoe - the strokes come with practice, the j stroke being the key one to learn.:wink:

Theyre getting there, takes a while to realise it’s not about power, it’s about efficiency which only comes from technique. And yeah the J stroke, the first one my mate Dave (canoe instructor) taught me. I always wondered how youmcould go in a straight line while paddling on one side!