Can anyone in Brighton help me fly my Phantom 3?

I have just bought a Phantom 3 Pro. I’m advanced years BUT, not an insane geriatric!! Honest! I have to admit defeat. I cant get it (anything) up and flying at all…is there anyone the Brighton area that can come here or (meet outside) to help me get it operational.? I’d be happy to pay a reasonable fee for that? I have DJI GO and PILOT. already in my iPad. The Phantom has new batteries spare batteries…it is ready to fly!! But, I’m not! If you fancy showing me how your help would really be much appreciated…Thanks in advance!


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Hi Michael

First of all, have you linked the ipad to the drone/controller correctly? If not, follow this:…

If you still can’t get it to link to the app, then you might have a problem with the gimbal, the 3 Pro was notorious for problems with the gimbal main board, and if there’s a problem with that, you won’t be able to link and or fly the drone. The part is like rocking horse manure, virtually impossible to find, and if you do find one it’ll cost you!!!
Try linking it first, and if you do get it to get together with the controller, flying is easy as it gets.
Find somewhere flat(ish) and away from other people, put the blades on (the right way) and have the drone facing away from you, keep checking around you, and push the left stick forwards slowly. The P3 should now be in the air, keep pushing the stick until you’re about 10 feet up. Everything from then on is straight forward. Left stick - Up and Down, and roundy roundy, Right stick - forwards and backwards, left and right.
Forget about looking at the screen for the first few flights, keep your eyes on the Phantom. Stay about 10 feet up (runaway dogs can’t really jump that high to knock it out of the air), and just practice the basic moves until you feel confident enough to try more complex movements.
It’s just a matter of practice mate, nothing more, nothing less. First you need to get the drone linked, then all will be well. I’d be happy to come to fly with you mate, but I’m in the Black Country and about 150 miles or more away from you. If you have any problems just ask, we’ll see what can be done.

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I don’t have a Phantom so cannot contribute to the help request, but I am an experienced pilot and would just like to say that responses like this from @Hotrodspike is exactly what a good forum is about.

Well done John and good luck @Newt64 in your quest. :clap:. Keep us posted on progress.

Roundy roundy :joy:


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Well, firstly “many thanks for replying”. I can actually get each component working but, when it comes to synchronising them I’m lost?
Also the DJI Go … says not connected which is a blessing since I don’t know what I’m supposed to do anyway!:joy: If I can’t resolve the issues I’m going to sell it! Life’s too short for me to waste to much more time trying. But, I’ll read what you say and see how I get on.
All the best Michael

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If I can’t get any further forward…I’ll take the only alternative…A pistol (with one round) a glass of whiskey, and a brief tear stained letter! :cry:

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Hi Michael,

I’m a bit far from you I’m afraid to be able to offer face to face help. This may sound like a daft question but do you have the manual with your aircraft? If not you can download it here:

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Hey Michael @Newt64 Please keep us updated on how you get on especially after the excellent advice from @Hotrodspike .

If you are still experiencing difficulties I might be able to get over to you from Pompey ( shift work depending) to help. I’ve no experience with the phantom but two heads are better than one etc. I might be able to collect @macspite on the journey if he’s up for it too!

In the meantime, good luck and, hopefully, you can report back with some good news and success even.

Andy :crossed_fingers:


Hi Michael

I’m near Sevenoaks so not a million miles from you and I have a fair bit of experience with the P3Pro, albeit a few years ago now!
If you’d like to DM me I’d be happy to exchange phone numbers to see if I can assist remotely or perhaps come to you if that doesn’t work…

Kind regards


Thank you for bothering to reply!!

Thank you for bothering to reply!!

Thank you for bothering to reply!! My number is [Admin Edit] BUT, I’m not here until next week. Sorry. Maybe we can Facetime? If you have that set up? It is on Facebook? And free

Thank you for bothering to reply!! I hope I can get it sorted?

We have removed your number from a public forum

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What do you think about Facetime You can then see and say live. We could do step by step?

Facetime has nothing to do with the facebook thing.

Its apple

What model iPad?

Hallo Simon, I have replied with a suggestion that may make this issue a tad easier? Why don’t we try FaceTime on Facebook. You’ll be able to see the all the kit and we can do what you suggest visually and sound? Please let me know if you would like to try that? Cheer’s Michael :thinking::+1:

Hi Michael
I’m happy to FaceTime, Zoom or whatever…
But can anybody on here advise how we can exchange contact details please?

As a member, if you click on his name you can initiate a private message

Hi Sparkyws
Many thanks for that… hopefully I will now be able to help Michael!
Best regards

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