Can I Fly Here? - Is there a catagory for this?

I just accidentally highjacked a post by another member. Is there a place where we would usually place “Can I fly here” questions. A place where we can get advice from more experienced pilots?


Or a lashing from the drone police :wink:


Are you suggesting it’s only the more experienced pilots that consider themselves best placed to be self appointed drone :policeman: :rofl:

I’m thinking it’s a holier than thy attitude that’s sticks in the throat more.


You say hijack… I say, it’s the way conversation goes.

But to stick to your query, I’d say (pending mods confirmation) the 'where to fly" topic is best as it does say for the description:

Wondering where to fly your drone in the UK? Share and discuss great places to fly your drone and organise regional meetups.


Question - where can I fly my drone?

Answer: Wherever you can get away with it.

Question: Where can I fly my drone legally?

You’re definitely asking the wrong person :slight_smile:


OK, I’ll assume from the general tone of the responses that this was a bad idea.

Sorry, my answer was flippant rather than helpful.

I agree with @stubbyd that the “where to fly” category would be a better place if you were asking the question out of the blue rather than continuing a conversation in an existing topic.

As for the drone police - let he who is without sin launch the first drone.

If someone asks a question I feel that I can help answer then I’ll add my comments. I am grateful for those in here who have helped me in the past and will no doubt continue in the future :slight_smile:

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If someone’s asked me the question, or if I asked ‘can I fly here’, I would have a look on the NATs site and give advice accordingly. If, for example it was in a NFZ near a runway etc, then I would advise that it’s probably not a good idea, however I would advise about the NATs app among others, and even use the NOTAM site (notice to airmen).
(NFZs are actually mushroom shaped) to help the poster check their intended flights. I’m not the drone police and this forum isn’t and should never be a place to castigate anyone for what appears to be a breach of the drone code, beyond the well meaning ‘tut tut’ given in the friendly spirit intended.
It’s a place to come for advice, chat and comradeship through a love of flying and photography. Along with many others I will gladly give advice to help or guide. The air navigation order/drone code is clear on this…
“It’s up to the individual pilot to ensure each flight is undertaken safely and responsibly” My take on that is exactly as it says on the tin, it’s nobody’s responsibility…except the pilot.


What Brian said, then probably just fly it.

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Yep, agreed.

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if the nats say you can then its ok. you will just have to make the judgement about any members of the public in the area . if its safe to fly.

It is now very easy to add your flight to the NATS app from Dronescene (easier than using the app).

The major advantage that I can see is that a: You have checked the map for No Fly Zones, ground hazards National Trust land etc and

b: you have your flight showing as a red circle on the map with a descriptive text giving date and time span of the flight session. Show THAT to a member of public and, especially if you happen to be wearing a hi-vis vest, tell them that the flight is scheduled with and approved by the National Air Traffic Service and the Civil Aviation Authority - so pick the bones out of that, pal!

On the app:

And the same map on the desktop:


Excellent advice. Every day is a school day.


That’s my attitude with the busy body’s, do gooders and misinformed public.

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