Can I fly my drone in Lake District?

Hi everyone

I’m from New Zealand and wanted to know if I can fly my drone in the Lake District while I’m here?


Yes but there is a lot of national trust land so you have to be careful where you take off and land from, as they don’t allow drones on their land, and they THINK they own the airspace but they don’t.


Keep away from tourist hot-spots, get up into the hills & you will be fine.

I spent a week there last month, flew almost every day, didn’t have any problems at all.


was going to ask this myself, I going for 3 day in aug and was looking to take my drone for my hill walks .

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I should imaging that’s a stunning place to fly!
I have so many locations I would like to go to its going to take me years to tick every box on my scenic bucket list :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

You’ll get some good ideas where you can fly in the
“Where to fly your drone in the UK” category Martin

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Jesus, this place really is the holy grail of info!!
Much appreciated Chris.


Not sure if this updated article on flying drones in the Lake District is common knowledge

Seems to me from the tone of the article and advice given that there seems to be a more positive attitude towards drone flying than you find generally. In particular the advice on flying over property and what might constitute a built up area I found quite helpful and positive as this has been queried on the forum frequently.

I get the feeling fly, keep to the rules and all will be well.


It certainly appears that way, no negative vibes

Moved the last three posts to this pre-existing “Can I fly in the Lake District” thread - in the hopes of keeping everything in one place. :+1:

Certainly feels very positive towards flying, thank you johnbirt. As I go to Keswick a couple times a year it would be good to take back aerial memories. However, I have been on the Fells above low flying military aircraft on more than a few occasions so a close eye on upcoming sorties (NATS?) should be kept.

Bang on Steve. Also be aware not to fly over (50m arc) to any of the boats if your flying over Windermere / Ullswater.
Have a look at ‘SunCalc’ app if you don’t already use it as it will tell You where the sun rise/set will be if your planning ahead any fell walks.
Enjoy your visit
Ps dont forget Monday-Wednesday you can get 50% off eating in somewhere. (£10 per person max) :blush::+1:

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Nice to know! Now, if we could just get the National Trust to copy this web page and post actual legally-sound advice on flying drones instead of their home-made made-up total b*llocks they spout about not allowing drones in their airspace… :slight_smile:


Any good tips for flying around Coniston Water, will be there tomorrow :yum:

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You’ve probably already been by now but I always fly from either Brown Howe or on the East Side of the lake. Early mornings and late afternoons are best when the crowds have gone - and mid week when the children are at school!

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