Can I fly my Spark indoors, insize a NFZ?

My girlfriend lives in a no fly zone so would I be right in thinking i would be ok to fly my spark indoors

Legally, yes.

But DJI will prevent you taking off inside a NFZ.

And you should only fly indoors if you’re ok with the drone not getting a proper lock on anything (GPS, VPS, etc) and crashing in to stuff :blush:

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That’s strange as my dji spark is hovering around 4ft and allowing me to forward backwards and side to side and land again but on the nats app it says in in a no fly zone

Don’t forget that a NFZ is the shape of a mushroom. If you are inside a NFZ but at the edges, you still may be able to fly under a certain height, it’s not until you get nearer the ‘stalk’ as it were, the NFZ takes effect.

In which case, I don’t understand your original question :thinking:

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My question was my girlfriend lives in a no fly zone as she lives near an airport so I asked if it was ok if I could fly my dji spark indoors

In short, yes. The CAA has no restrictions on indoor use. I suspect you’re not getting gps though so it may become a little unpredictable

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Hi Lee and yes no how downstairs but I get GPS upstairs and have no problems in flying until I get close to an object it starts having a fit bleeding

Sport mode :wink:

Never had it in sport mode before as I’m made to believe it goes like hell lol

She’ll be a bit livelier, but no sensors so no annoying beeps.

*not recommended inside (I was been tongue in cheek)

PersonallyI wouldn’t even consider flying indoors without a lot more experience. Turn off the sensors if you really MUST fly indoors. At least you’ll have half a chance of controlling it when it goes mental.
Or set the sensors to hover if it detects an object.
Too many people have their sensors set for it to fly up and over an object, with the result that it ends up crashing into the ceiling.

Quickest way to crash a drone, Fly it indoors. No GPS, No lock, so much metal. and Interference.

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I did really well and I never crashed her I like this drone even more every time I fly her and thanks for the advice

tips for flying indoors - make sure there is enough light for the downward camera.

only time I’ve had properly crashed inside when I flew into a dark mezanine and wasn’t expecting it to go into ATTI mode

Its why I brought the M2P to fly indoors, sensors off except for downward camera, just keep it in tripod mode if you can

and make sure you set the RTH to hover!

What were you worried about? As it seems like you’ve already been flying indoors, in a NFZ (:scream:), before asking the question.

I think the topic question was aimed at the legality more than the physical ability to do so.

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Correct dave

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If it can’t get a GPS signal, how would it know it was in a NFZ? Regarding being indoors, sorry to be vague (which should be my signature) but I’m sure I read somewhere the CAA has specifically said it doesn’t give a monkeys what people do indoors, on the basis that you can’t interfere with other aircraft (except others flying in the same room of course).

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Now,there,s an idea,a local meetup,all flying indoors,in a barn…:rofl::rofl::rofl: would be ummm,interesting…:wink::wink: