Can someone explain SmartAudio please?

I see a lot of posts in here with references to “Smart Audio”.

Can someone explain to a non-FPV’er what it is / does? :thinking:

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In simple terms it’s a signal sent from the flight controller to the VTX which allows you to change your video channel/band and power out from the transmitter. A big help especially as most Vtx’s have tiny difficult to get to buttons when they’re inside the frame.


Hmmm… so nothing to do with audio at all?


Well kind of. The signal is within the audio band (300Hz-4KHz). I could be wrong on this one but I think it’s a PWM signal (should check it on the scope when I get a chance) so the order and width of the pulses will convey a particular function.


So the “audio” part of the name is simply a reference to the frequency band?

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Pretty much. If you connect a speaker up to it you’d probably hear it as a screeching noise. TBS call it SmartAudio, ImmersionRC call it Tramp. A different code but similar principle.

Another example. EZUHF telemetry is sent pack to the Groundstation as Audio. So you can simply connect the audio out of your goggles into a mobile phone with the right APP and you’ll get all the battery voltage, current draw, GPS data, speed, etc. This same audio feed can be used to drive an automatic antenna tracker. Alternatively you can also mix it with your favourite Hawkwind or Gong track for extra Psychedelia.


Thanks @Nidge :+1:t2:

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