Can’t get photo/video off my P4

Hi, I can’t download any pictures/video from my P4. I’ve taken the SD card out and inserted into my laptop but nothing on it!! Yes I have taken photos with it (heard the click of the sutter). New SD card, I’m running windows 10, think I’ve read that window 10 does not support DJI drivers :thinking:. Sorry if I’m being thick. All help greatfully appreciated and thanks in advance :grin::+1:

Are the photos showing in DJIGO app (under editor)?

When you open the SD on pc is there any folder structure there or completely blank?

Milkman. Yes the Video is there but no photos :roll_eyes:

Callum, no folder is showing from the SD card, tried everything from asking Alexia to searching for it via program files :cry:

When you put SD in drone it should create a folder structure viewable on Windows PC.

Have you tried formatting the card through GO4 app?

Hi @Wambo and welcome to Grey Arrows :smiley:

That shouldn’t really be an issue, if you’re looking directly at the SD card, rather than via a USB cable.

Do you have another computer you could test the card on?

Or, an Android phone or tablet? :thinking:

Callum@ done that :+1:

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PingSpike@ I’ll try another laptop, I have no android stuff, I’m an apple guy :roll_eyes::joy:

Have you tried dragging some files onto the card with your laptop to make sure it’s working alright?

I’d would, but can’t even find the SD card on the lap top :confused:

Ahh, so it’s not being detected rather than being empty.

Do you have another card you can try in your reader to make sure it’s working.

I’ll try one from an old phone I’ve got :+1:

Don’t forget to format the card IN your P4. Don’t format on your laptop and then use in the P4 … this can cause issues with the format not being exactly how the P4 needs it.

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