Can the mini 2 fly in the snow?

When the snow started to fall yesterday I decided to brave frostbite and get the mini 2 out for a flight. The manual says it’s good from 0c to 40c and they will have built a safety margin into that. It coped no problem at all.


I would expect the main threat to be not so much the temperature as the moisture. :scream:


Yep…many a full size aircraft has come to grief due icing… :rofl: :rofl:

Nice one great video made me feel cold.

Love seeing Castle Hill and Almondbury, where I lived from 1995 until 2006, not too sure I have the cajones to fly my drone in the snow mind

When the drone landed there was no snow or even water on it surprisingly. I imagine the airflow created by the props keeps the snow away. The battery temperature was 28c during the flight which no doubt helps keep internals higher than the dew point and therefore moisture at bay.

Interestingly, the larger the snow flakes, the warmer the air. This is because large snow flakes are caused by the snow melting on the way down and sticking to other flakes. When the air is freezing, the snow falls as powder. So I knew the air temperature was above freezing point.

Full size aircraft are susceptible to icing as they are made of metal which conducts the cold more than plastic. Plus they are sat in the elements before takeoff and therefore “pre chilled”, whereas my drone was taken outside from a warm house. Further more, aircraft fly at a significantly higher altitude than drones and therefore the air is significantly colder.

DJI specify that the mini 2 is operable in 0c conditions so I wasn’t too concerned about the cold. The casing of the mini 2 doesn’t appear that it would allow ingress of moisture too easily and snow is not like rain. I wouldn’t consider flying in rain.

Every time a drone flies there is a risk of a propeller breaking, a battery failing, a component burning out. based upon the facts I did not consider this flight to have significantly more risk than any other flight. And I landed safely and the drone was dry so I guess my assessment of the factors was correct :wink:.


Maybe so. Certainly, the exposed motors would be the main point of concern for water ingress.

It was not my intention to scold, by the way, just thought it was a bold move, flying in all that frozen water. :laughing:

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Tough little machine that. Keep threatening to hit the buy button!

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Do it ! I did , and do not regret it for a second fab little drone :heart_eyes: :rofl: :rofl:

Nice shots but how high are you going??
This is almost 400’ up above my house with a mini 2 & no way can I get such tiny houses lol.


A 360 pano i took in the snow and freezing fog at the beginning of the year.


According to rules its a rusk to fly in snow weather if any king of water particles found in motors. Your drone dropped any where because its is not IP43 rates.

I’m not looking to have a go at the OP, but for wider interest:


UAS operations in subcategory A1 shall be performed by a remote pilot who is familiar with manufacturer’s instructions provided by the manufacturer of the UAS

DJI Mini 2 User Manual:

Do not use the aircraft in severe weather conditions including wind speeds exceeding 10 m/s, snow, rain, and fog.

The pedantic amongst us will not that legally you must be familiar with the manual, but there doesn’t seem to be a legal obligation to follow it :thinking: :rofl:


That’s most of the year up here in Scotland :joy:


I hate you! Pressed the big red button… Will have one Thursday

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Messed up the quote link. Sorry :confused:

@Kellybob Well done sorry about the slip of the finger on the big red button! :joy: , I can guarantee that you will NOT be disappointed :+1: :+1: :rofl: PLUS you get to fly in a lot of areas bigger drones (over 250g) cannot…
BTW did you buy the flymore combo ? :heavy_check_mark: :heavy_check_mark: :heavy_check_mark:

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Went for Drone and ipad cable only. I can manage fine with one battery and sort a case later. Printed a mount to suite controller and I pad. Have a Mavic pro and fpv Drone for other ‘ops’ suspect a tripletek will follow in January, so she can fly from my garden and explore…

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Should have added ipad mini!

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Mended that for you ;o)