Can understand the anxiety

when it comes to flying your drone.

no-ones bothered if I get out in my kayak (bar the odd fisherman!), nor if I play golf or go swimming, but it seems (or feels) like a majority of the 60mil or so people in this country are totally miffed if I fly overhead with my drone, which is why I squirrel away somewhere to get my flying peace.

As some have been on the receiving end of abuse in various forms for almost no reason other than being on control of a drone. Its become a wee bit daft I have to say.

I’ve a friend who recently bought a M2Z with flymore kit and struggles to get out, first because of his location and then the time to find a decent spot to fly where he can practise without fear of abuse…although recently it was his hayfever that stopped him :sneezing_face:

In a bid to turn the tide of public opinion Im wondering if instead of all these exams and online tests we’re going to have take, I wonder if we ought to have to use our (new) drones to help rescue someone, or locate a missing cat or something.Just the once to get our ‘Good Deed Drone Pilots’ certificate. Perhaps get a drone based supersuit to show you’re one of the good guys(and gals!).

Can anyone think of another good deed that could help get Joe and his public onside ? :grin:

*I may have a bit of humpday afternoon madness going on!! lol


Do roof inspections for your neighbours.

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I use mine to help find lost dog’s or I will once the weather improve?

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In fact I already have for our new neighbour. He was well impressed.

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Well done.

Brits just love to remember bad news. Can’t remember seeing any positive news about the use of drones unless they are used by public services. Having said this many gawp at nature programs without realising that many aerial shots are courtesy of the humble drone.


Once people know I fly drones the normal “Have you been to Heathrow lately?” rubbish starts. But when we get into it my best comeback is…

How many times have you heard of a dog biting someone at a park? Now how many times have you heard of a drone crashing into someone at a park? And believe me you would if it had happened,

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Its exactly that isnt it? the negative perception of drone use is way over the top. They hurt no-one. There has been no records of anyone having been killed or seriously hurt from recreational drone use.

Yet, some of us feel the need to find the loneliest spot (often the best spot tbf) to get some flying time and photography time in.

So daft.

Very true. There’s the privacy thing, but hey, lots of people love attention!

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There are many who slumber in Blissful Ignorance, it’s always the safest bet.