Can you disable 'image enhancement' in DJI Fly?

Short of shooting in raw, does anyone know how to disable the ‘image enhancement’ in DJI Fly?

Looks good from a distance, but it’s causing some pretty awful smoothing weirdness in cropped shots and I can’t find a disable setting for the life of me

If you are downloading photos from the drone - unclick the little magic wand that becomes illuminated after you hit download. Then you will see the image in the original form not with the enhancement.

Ah right, mine seems to apply it right after taking the image you get a little notification in the HUD, I’m taking the files straight from the SD card

iOS or Android ?

Android, FFC DJI Fly App latest version


Does downloading from the SD card (out of the drone) just give you the one original image ?

It does, but I wouldn’t call it ‘original’ when compared to what you get in the DNG files

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