Can you have a PfCO *and* be a hobbyist?


Police course providing incorrect information on their ‘drone’ courses has been a common theme seen from members comments , which is a shame to have to point out being an ex-cop!


yes we all remember the farce of ‘Gatgate’ just how wrong the police can get it.


I have signed up for a course in May UAV8. This is the only reason I am doing it. Reason for waiting is purely monetary reasons, but I am looking forward to it.


I’ve just signed up with UAS Airborne Platforms, again not for the commercial side of things (although if successful I certainly wouldn’t turn a commission down) but principally for the training and operating discipline.
Hope to be taking my Practical Assignment and Flying Test around April when the weather improves. I’ll let you know how it goes.
Anyone have any experience of UAS Airborne Platforms?


Just signed up with a local provider iRed (Emsworth, Hampshire) which is a 3 day course plus the flight assessment that can be taken up to 3 month after the course. The idea with their programme is that you do the course, then complete the operations manual, which they support and review before you send away, and then the flight assessment. I will update when I have done the course