Can you help us clean up the Locations on Drone Scene?

Hi everyone,

We’re looking for a good number of volunteers to help us clean up the location marker pins on Drone Scene.

There are now over 2,000 locations on the map, which is great, but we’re looking for quality rather than quantity and some of the locations that have been added over the years are a little, um… “less appealing” than others :blush:

Also, some of them are quite old and might not even be there anymore, especially the case with some of the @group-fpv bandos for example.

The regions vs locations break down is:

@group-eastofengland : 159 Locations (53x each)


@group-eastmidlands : 176 Locations (25x each)


@group-london : 21 Locations (10x each) - 50% COMPLETE :partying_face:


@group-northeast : 75 Locations (25x each)


@group-northernirel : 55 Locations (28x each) - Completed


@group-northwest : 338 Locations (34 x each)


@group-scotland : 186 Locations (46x each)


@group-southeast : 267 Locations (34x each)


@group-southwest : 341 Locations (28x each) Completed


@group-wales : 139 Locations (46x each) Completed


@group-westmidlands : 138 Locations (15x each)


@group-yorkshumber : 206 Locations (52x each)


We’d like people to put their name forward for a region, and in the case of the regions with many, many entires, we’re naturally looking for many, many volunteers in that region.

For example, London only has 21 locations on the map so we might only need one or two people. The North West has 300+ locations so we’re looking for 15 or more people (or fewer, but more dedicated people!).

Our plan is to crudely divide each region in to however many volunteers we get. You’d then be assigned ten or so location markers.

Your task would be to:

  • Click on each location in your assigned sector
  • Make sure it’s appealing (and not a roundabout or a public phone box!)
  • Make sure it still exists (and hasn’t been knocked down or redeveloped)
    – We’re hoping your local knowledge would tell you this, or you could do five minutes of research on the internet to find the answer
    – No travel to the locations is required or expected
  • Make sure the video or photo is still present and hasn’t been deleted by the author
  • Make sure the corresponding forum discussion link still works
  • Make sure the location has a description and isn’t just blank
  • Was the location added by “Anonymous”? If so, we might want to remove it
  • Make sure it’s not a duplicate

Examples of duplicates would be the same location but under a different name.

Five Rise Locks in Bingley for example. There’s only one Five Rise Locks in that region, it doesn’t need three duplicate location markers :slight_smile:

If we get enough volunteers we’re guessing it would take about an hour of your time, which you could do all in one go or divide over the course of a week.

If you’re happy to volunteer, please reply here and let us know which region you’re willing to help with and we’ll whisk you away to a private area of the forum where we’ll discuss things in more detail.

Any takers? :pray:t2:


I’m happy too do a bit down my end, gives me something too do, I probably can’t cover the whole south east but a bit & can go towards London way too.

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I’m happy to help with the West Midlands sites if you don’t get any better offers :slight_smile:

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I’m also happy to help out with the West Midlands sites😊

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Happy to assist with Scotland :smiley:

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I can do London / south east :grinning:

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I’m OK for West Mids as well

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I can help with the North East

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Happy to help with South East, have car and offroad capable 4x4 for the more obscure

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How’s that for dedication?? :scream: :clap:t2:

A web browser and your time is all that’s required though :blush:

Thanks for all the volunteering everyone, keep them coming please!


Any excuse to go for a drive and fly :joy:

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Happy to chip in on clean up duty👍🏻 South East

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Reporting for duty on East Midlands. :saluting_face:


Add me to the West Midlands gang of merry men :+1::+1:

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North West

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Count me in for the north east…

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Happy to help southwest.

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maybe look at adding a flown here part so people can add that they flown and not add pictures? :slight_smile:

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Yep, stick me down for some of Scotland’s :slight_smile: :+1:

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Happy to help also with West Midlands and the more central (Leicester/derby/Nottingham section) of the East Midlands.

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