Can you identify this drone model? 🤔

Can anyone identify the make / model of this drone?

It appears to only have two red lights on the rear, black airframe, gimbal appeared to be out front like an Anafai, and possible skid-type landing gear? :thinking:

GoPro Karma

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Oh good shout, that could well be it :+1:t2:

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Someone buzzing your home? Call the police … NOW!!

That would be funny … :stuck_out_tongue:


Was it noisy and flew like a dead duck?

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Yep, a GoPro Karma. Definitely a rare twitch as they’re usually considered to be flightless birds.


Mine still flys now and again

Just googled a few pics, was definitely this one, thanks.

Google Images led me to an interestng screen/controller combo for it too:

I had no idea they had a clamshell controller + screen combo.

If they’d carried on and developed it, could have been pretty good. The controller is quite nice to handle and the screens not bad either

Shortly after its initial release GoPro had to recall them all back as they were falling out of the sky like penguins shot from a canon. They’d stuffed the battery connections resulting in it losing power.

It was an interesting design but at launch it was competing with the Mavic Pro, a fight it could never win. Gopro took a real financial kicking and it was discontinued.

I heard it was recalled because the batteries were falling out, the clamps at the back didn’t hold them in tight enough. Mine’s one of the modified ones, batteries never come loose! Cost me just over 400 English pounds from Argos’ Clearance Bargain shop in Walsall complete with the GoPro 5 and the handheld gimbal mount.


I was a beta tester for them, only thing I’ve gladly handed back at the end of 3 months NDA flying.

They listened to zero feedback, just were intent on a slice of the DJI market.

Cracking gimbal though.

*good money on the beta team too


Stable in the air, but got the turning circle of the average supertanker!
As you say Chris, brilliant gimbal, shame you have to rely on the tiny GoPro screen to look at!