Canadian visitor looking advice on where to fly in London and Cotswolds

I’m new to UK (Canadian) and will be visiting London and Cotswolds (near Barton-on-Water and Stroud). Are there any recommended areas to fly ? I appreciate the opportunity to do a search on this forum but I’m not familiar with a lot of the places named.

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When are you planning on visiting?

There are a couple of legal requirements you’ll need to have in place before you fly too. Details here: Getting what you need to fly | UK Civil Aviation Authority

Thanks for the feedback. I have uk licenses. Arriving Oct 11 for 3 weeks

Have a look at this map @Zephyrpn there are lots of recommendations to be found here:

Good looking map and exactly what I’m looking for. However, each time I move the mouse anywhere, the map zooms in automatically to an unknown street and location. It’s not usable but I don’t know how to correct it. Is this map meant, perhaps, to be viewed on a phone and not a desktop?


I apologize for previous comment – I was able to traverse the map. User error

Many thanks


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Ah Stroud! As a son of that parish, I can recommend Rodborough Common as a place to fly. It can get a bit breezy, but if you’re lucky with the weather you can get some great shots of the fort and down the Severn Vale to the river.
Selsley Common is also nice to fly, but there is a gliding club not far from there, so you might need to check they’re not about.

Many thanks, MerseyViking. I’ve emailed your suggestions to a friend in Stroud who will hopefully guide me to these locations


David G. Penty

No worries! You could also try Stratford Park for somewhere a bit more sheltered, but that might get busy if the weather is fair.