Cant believe it can anyone please advise

I now have the same issue as I did with the whoops board the mini usb has pulled off the FC, thinkl it must have got caught on the battery strap… I tried soldering an external usb back on but as with the whoop the pads are really fragile and end up coming away…

Im really P~ssed off as that was the stack I just brought the ESC for :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: and Im now back to square 1. I only need to hook it up to BF as to throttle scale it or change the rates as its putting out to much power, hence does anyone know a work round as to achieve this I really need it for the BIG MEET …

If you cant sort it, bring it to the big meet anyway. Ill bring my microscope


Is there any space to put in a wire-add? I know nothing of these builds but a little about electronics.

Also, i think you can change rates via smart audio if dji allows it

You should get wifi/bluetooth fc then you can use the speedybee app to change your betaflight settings. Doesn’t help you now though :confused:
How bad is it? Have you got photos of the board?

or just get a speedy bee dongle and plug it in…

and I’ve just realised why this isn’t possible :roll_eyes:

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I think I’ve said before, when configuring, if you enable MSP on a unused serial port you can connect a FTDI USB/RS232 adaptor then just plug the USB in as normal
I’ll bring some to the Big Meet to show.


But how do you configure msp when he cant connect to bf

That’s what I say, configure it when first building :slightly_smiling_face:
Preparation is the magic word😆

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You might find that MSP is already on UART1 and there are pins you can connect to with UART1. Then you just need a suitable UART to USB adapter and wire it in…


I have an St link and an ftdi that I will bring to the big meet

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That is so cool, can you get them from Unman ???

I got mine from amazon… next day

Oh gees that’s cheaper than I was looking at, if its the same thing …

I think the unmannedtech one does a whole lot more. I just used mine to talk to a GPS module I had.

I assume it’ll work fine with a FC since thats the same interface.

Ok cheers Richard :+1:t3:

If it works Ill look at getting 1, something else to learn :rofl: