Can't wait for Monday!


OK, I’m sitting on my hands here. On Monday I get 2 things delivered.

  1. My new Mavic 2 Zoom.

  2. A Last Will and Testament DIY kit.

Pure coincidence - they are not connected in any way!


Believe me - one will be way more fun than the other. :wink:


Yeah, but at least if I pop off one of my three sons will get lucky!


Ash, the bonny lochs of Scotland await the buzz of the M2 !!
(a very quite Buzz though)


Actually, 2, because I haven’t sold the Air yet!


Ssshhhhhh! That’s the whole point of the zoom - stealth!


And No. 1 son already has an Air so they will end up with 1 drone each - result!


Jocks!, hide yer women , Ash is about to creep up on you !:male_detective:


Yep, with my powerful zoom I will be able to see right into their bedroom cupboards!


At least I’ll be able to hide behind a hill, Chris. :rofl:


Sorry, that was below the belt. I’m sure you have some hillocks!:mountain_snow:


And Hillocks to you too!.
I long for the hills and Mountains down here in the flat lands of Norfolk !.




So i guess you cant wait for the

I mean you can,t be exited about a rotten old drone!!! ,can you?:rofl::rofl::rofl:
Am i right ??. BTW good luck,your gonna love the MP2 !:+1::+1:


Get buried with your mavic!




I need to get working on a gadget to sprinkle my ashes from 400’ :grin:


Go out in style!! Scatter them from 500ft! :+1:


Couldn’t possibly do that. I’ve always been very law abiding! :grin:

It might start a trend!


That’s what the will’s for, when you get caught lol, hope you have loads of fun, with the drone of course