Can't wait for Monday!


406 feet will be legal …. because you’re 6ft under. :wink:


Hahahaha! That’s very clever. :rofl:


No, actually that’s B*****ks, the limit will be 394 ft.


But it won’t be taking off from under ground. It will still be on the surface.
Make sure you order one of those tombstones with a built in landing pad on top and you get another two or three feet. :wink:


Excellent idea. I assume you can get them on Amazon? Polypropylene no doubt?


Biodegradable only … like you. :stuck_out_tongue:




I see the price has gone back up to £1,099 at HM. You did well! :+1:


Phew that’s a relief. I got the Care Refresh with the 100 squid.

It’s arrived, but It was so windy I didn’t get to fly :disappointed_relieved:

It’s big, innit?


But so pretty! :wink:


I can’t believe the arms won’t just snap.


OK here’s me being really stupid (although have had a couple of beers).

I’ve taken the props off, had me dinner and am playing with it on the table.

I open Go4 and of course it thinks I’m flying the Air. Do I need a complete new account?


On the home screen, can’t you scroll to the M2Z?


Ash, have a couple more beers, and you will think it’s the Starship Enterprise !!


I can change to models I don’t even have …


Oh yes, I see. I have only got Mavic Pro, not 2, but I’ll try that. Now I have EMMC FULL on the controller.


@ash2020 I think it means format the internal memory and memory card