Car battery

I have a quick question if I may, sorry if its an obvious one, having just changed jobs I now have access to second hand 12v car batteries.

Hence while standing staring at these wondering how the hell I’m going to get rid of them I had an epiphany, could I upcycle these and use them for field charging ??..

If so can you buy the leads to connect them to my charger or would I have to make them up ??..




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Cool and thanks, I have access to loads so once I get the ok from my gaffer Id be happy to get one for anyone who would like one :+1:t3:

It would be a great contribution towards my company’s go GREEN initiative, well that’s how Ill sell it to him :rofl: :rofl:


Yeah, I’d be interested. :slight_smile:

Like these ……

Boom and there we have it :+1:t3:

Thanks Steve

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Bigdogs new role at the Big Meets, Power Supply Man!

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@SirGunner at the below photo you might think twice :rofl:

Ill have a chat with him next week, they will come part charged as I’m very nervous about carrying them in my car after we had 1 explode last week :exploding_head:

I put jubilee clips on my battery terminals, then an xt60 on small croc clips

Holymoly :grimacing: lol

Yah the apprentice who took it off charge was VERY lucky !

What gauge wire do you use mate ??

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Erm… That’s not much good for us… We’ll want to carry them in our cars!

Not sure. What I had lying around. I have 2. The thinner one gets a bit warm :grin:

Assuming you won’t be charging at more than 20Amp 18awg will be fine


The leads in my photo are 12awg but that’s only 'cos I use that lead for starting cars.

I’ve only ever seen one explode and it’s when I used an angle grinder too close to one that was charging.

Does your apprentice know to switch off charger before disconnecting leads?

Yah he does, to be fair it wasn’t his fault, I had to investigate the incident and it seems the positive lead was loose in the crimp.

Hence when he started the engine the vibration caused a slight movement in the lead which resulted in a spark, the rest is history …,

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Cheers steve, I think the most id be charging would be around 40amp as I use the dreaded Parallel charges, so may pay me to go higher ??.

Maybe 10 ??

If you do use aseparate battery for field charging make sure it is secured properly. It wouls make sense to make a proper battery box, line with something impermeable and unaffected by acid and secure it to the boot floor. Saves a heavy weight full of acid rushing forward in case of an involuntary sudden stop!

If you really wanted to be self contained you could fit a split charger and recharge the field battery as you drive to and from your flying site :slight_smile:

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14 would be fine :+1: