Car charger only works when engine is on

Apparently (as I’ve not tried it yet), the car charger that came with the flymore combo only works when the engine is on. I think it needs a minimum voltage.

Anyone know what that voltage might be?

Has been mentioned a couple of times on different forums with differing results, but it seems 12.6 volts or 13 volts or more is required.

Depends on the car of course and what it outputs when the engine is off.


I’m debating selling the genuine DJI car charger on eBay (never even used it yet!) and buying a cheapy one that works without the engine being on :roll_eyes:

Mine is in the car seat pocket, ready and waiting for that one time when out in the field and forgot to charge the batteries at home, or need more flying time after burning 3 batteries worth.

How long does it take to charge a Pro battery
I charge overnight so never timed it.
Does anyone know the car and plug in the wall stats


Don’t know the actual times, but the car charger is a bit quicker than the mains charger.

Did you find one, and have you tried it?

No, sorry @Ronidog I’ve not :slightly_frowning_face: