Car Flight


Flew my m2p from inside the comfort of my warm car today. Launched from the hood. One compass calibration and I was good to go. Good strong signals no problems. Will be doing this a lot I think.:sunglasses:


I often fly from within the comfort of the car or van but I never take off from the actual vehicle. You’re braver than I am :rofl:


I’ve used the glass sunroof in the past - I wouldn’t use metal bits.


I am going to do that :grinning: put the top down and i can hand land it without standing up :thinking:


What would you be wary of? I may be more foolish than brave.:joy:


It can complain about magnetic interference and refuse to initiate properly.


use the boot :smile:


No less likely to suffer from magnetic issues.


Usually I open the door and plonk the MP on the ground and switch it on … then close the door and fly it from there … and land it back to the same place.


I may have got lucky today but will definitely be doing some more testing with the crap weather. Also less conspicuous which is an added bonus with all the “heat” these days.:joy:


Err, it’s not a good idea to fly from the bonnet/hood of your car, the metal of the bonnet or surrounding area can have a detrimental effect in the gyroscope compass. As soon as you take off, the compass then rights itself and the drone won’t know where it is in space. It relies upon the GPS and compass to know where it is. If the compass is affected by the bonnet it might think it’s pointing North and calibrates it’s position as such when it’s actually pointing south,
Then when it takes off, it thinks that North is South, East is West etc and this affects the RTH. You could end up with a flyaway if RTH is initiated. You probably got away with it more through luck than anything…next time you might not be so lucky


I did return to home as well! It came back fine. Like you say may be luck! :scream:


I always look at the arrow on the map after its taken off to make sure it’s pointing the correct way


It’s ok, I’ve done the same, from the car roof, without any issue, but having had ‘mag interference’ pop up after the third go. Almost found out the hard way


The magnetic interference is a strange (and unpredictable) one.

I’ve been somewhere where there is no apparent metal in the vicinity and it’s thrown a wobbly.

I’ve also taken off from a THICK steel manhole cover without any issue. See video:

But, as others have also said - it’s really not the best practice. :wink:


Don’t forget, also, that signal strength - controller and video downlink - can be significantly impacted - and can vary very suddenly.


Impressive that this can be done, I suppose it makes sense, microwaves can propogate through quite small holes so those big windows in a car no problem, but instictively I would not have even tried it, probably my brain still thinks in terms of my 1970’s ACOMS 27mhz AM 2-Channel Radio control