Cards for your YouTube channel

Has anyone designed/used a small business card that has your You Tube channel on it and a bit of fancy drone-related imagery?

The sort of thing that you could give to a member of the public who you have had a nice chat with who would like to look at your flight afterwards?


Yes, handed out quite a few so far. I keep them in my drone case when people approach me out and about.


You do this as a business Chris, so its good for you and trade.

Me, I just fly for fun so i wonder if anyone else has had a similar idea, as “non-pro” exponents of the wknderous world of droning…


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No, I do it for fun. To date, I haven’t made a penny off my media - nor plan to.

I created the cards for the same reason as you mentioned. Quite often folk would come up and start chatting, I’d explain I am creating a video for my YT channel, they’d ask what channel is that … and so on. It is just easier to give them a card and crack back on with droning :wink:

Ah my bad, i thought you was a photographer by trade!

Where then did you get them printed? Or did you design and print at home?

He’s a trailer modifier/fitter … obviously.


I designed them in Photoshop and got then printed by this company.

There are cheaper alternatives, but these are great quality.

That was one I was looking at. Cheers.

Put a QR code in it rather than loads of text links and logos.

Either have a webpage to send it too or one of those ‘link in bio’ type pages that goes where they can then go off and click across to your social media’s etc.

Make it easy as possible. Person you give it to then doesn’t have to type a single thing to follow you or bookmark your site. Just scan the code with their phone camera.

Sorry, I disagree. A lot the folks I hand cards to are elderly folk walking their dogs or out for a stroll, like my folks - who haven’t got a scooby doo what a QR code is, let alone how to use it.

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No need to be sorry. They probably have no interest in youtube or instagram either?

Quite a few of them now follow me on YouTube … probably because I do old, history vids :man_shrugging:

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I think you’ll find it’s not just elderly, but also folks who only want a ‘dumb’ phone - or those who can’t afford an expensive one. I’m ‘elderly’, walk dogs too, but fortunate that I can use the technology.

I was reading a thread the other day (not on here) about parking apps. There was a bloke on the radio creating that it was only old people who couldn’t use them… yes, I was cross… so… yes some folks can’t / won’t use apps or even mobiles sometimes, but others just can’t afford to… :).

By the way - I use MOO cards for handing out to folks… I love em…

I made something quickly that’s not too pretentious and easy to look whilst being fun and cheesy and not serious.

Can I offer some constructive feedback, Paul @Bilbo ? :thinking:

Instead of using what looks like a very case-sensitive short url (which isn’t that short and will take them God only knows where if they type it all lowercase), why not just use ?

Eg, we are

You could also then remove the request for people to search for you on Google as they could go straight there by typing it in and avoid seeing Elon Musk and SpaceX results above you on other search engines :blush:

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Good points, thank you.

My channel name is long, lol…

Asking google would be easier to type perhaps?

This url is another short one:


I changed it slightly, and this’ll do for me. Nowt special, wasn’t/isn’t meant to be, but good enough for an amateur and fun flyer like me, lol… :slight_smile:

Yeah, definitely easier than typing in a random short url.

Could you not get something like Rather than a bunch of random characters? It’d make it easier to read and easier to type :blush:

Here’s the downside to people googling you:

I didnt think id match up to Elon tbh, lol…