Caribbean trip

Hi all,

I finally made a video of my record with the drone a couple of days after bought it an take it with me. Some video coming from the gro Pro.

It’s a quick one, hope you will enjoy it.


Great Video, shows the Caribbean as i remember it.
Just an observation?, i would slow down your yaw rate and also the gimbal (up and down) , so your turns left and right are not so fast and snappy.

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Thanks @chrisjohnbaker, yes you’re right, I have seen that when I was making the video, worse thing I have already slow down the speed of the movements, I mean I think I did, I remember read a post about it…

Any idea of what settings will be the best for cinematic movement ?


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Perfect, thanks

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In a nutshell !!

EXP Rotate: Reduce to 0.10 - 0.20
Yaw Endpoint: Reduce to 50
Gimbal Pitch Speed: Reduce to 5 - 10
Gimbal Pitch Smoothing (stop/start buffer): Reduce to 20

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