Cat Challenger ploughing

Popped round to see a mate to have a few turns and take some video


I love it !, Great bit of Hyper Lapse near the end.

Cheers Chris.:smile:
Was hoping to get some better footage but only had 2 battery’s with me :cry:

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What were your settings to get the hyperlapse shots

Just filming in the slowest frame rate then sped up in editing.
Old, slow, not very powerful computer which wont run a lot of editing programs so have to stick with what will run on it for now.

great effect, all said and done !.

Superb video. A story well told. Really enjoyed that - well played Gaz. :tractor::tractor::tractor::tractor:

Nice video. Really cool to see how the birds behave after the grounds been ploughed.

Yeh there manic.
Occasionally one will get too close to the furrow and get trapped

Brilliant video!

Really would like to try that but recently moved and don’t know any farmers!!

Thanks Gaz, amazing shots.