Centre parcs


Anyone ever flown a drone at Centre Parcs? I’m going for a weekend soon and want to take the Mavic but don’t want to upset anyone by flying it there. Looked on YouTube and a few vids have been done but knowing my luck I will get shite for it.


If it’s anything like the times I’ve been visited their parcs, I would have thought there would be just too many people around for safe flying within the rules. After all they do equate to small towns. It may be possible from the edges of the village flying out over adjacent land.


Legalities aside, I can’t imagine anyone in the Parc being happy about it mate and you may well have a welcoming committee joining you at the point of landing :blush:


I was at Sherwood in October just before I got my Mavic Air and I was thinking about whether to take it next visit. I’ve seen a few videos on YouTube, even ones flying filming family members on the zip wire. I couldn’t tell you if Centerparcs allow it or not, maybe give them a call and ask? It’s private property so I suppose it’s up to them really. Depends like all things on whether you are intruding on other people’s privacy and if you are being safe. I’ve seen a post on tripadvisor saying the staff were great, even going as far to come out and help retrieve the reviewer’s husband’s drone from being stuck in a tree.


I think I will take it and decide what it’s like when I get there. Only want to get the big fireworks display that they put on so I suppose I could fly from a nearby field were nobody is.


Yup, I think that’s exactly what I’d do too.

Until you can assess the situation and environment in person, it’s a hard call to make :slight_smile: