So when is the first 2020 challenge gonna be? I always seem to miss the start of them and by the time i do see them i way behind lol


Logging in here has started to be like checking the lottery tickets… will today be the day the challenge starts?

Saying that… Maybe give it a couple of days yet though, eh? :wink:

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Yes for sure, that wind wow is it fierce

Cards on the table here… We don’t have a date yet.

We’ve dedicated most of our time over the last six months to Drone Scene. Transforming it from an average web site with some marker pins on it, in to the full on, all-in-one resource that it is today.

We did dust the cob webs off our Challenges just before Christmas and plans are already afoot.

You can fix that :slight_smile:

Go here:

Click on the Bell icon on the right hand side, then click on Watching:

That way, you’ll be notified of any new topics in that category.

You WILL want to change that back to “Normal” once the challenge begins, otherwise you’ll receive more emails than your average 419 scammer :wink: