Changing screens



I currently use my phone with the controller but will be moving to a tablet shortly. Is there anything that I’ll need to set up again such as yaw and gimbal settings or is it just a case of downloading the DJI app?


Just a case of downloading the app.


Perfect, thanks


Theoretically, no. But I do recall that several months ago someone said they had some of these settings change … though I don’t recall which and the exact circumstances.

It’s actually something I have in my list of things to test in detail … one warm summer’s day when I have nothing better to do.

It does bug me that the RC doesn’t have Fn buttons that you can assign the current settings for everything to, and recall at will … like one can with even moderate cameras.
I’m sure I get through more batteries on everything checking all the bloody settings than I do flying.


Yes … I thought I had some camera settings change on me but as far as flight characteristics I.e RTH altitude or battery settings , these will reside on the drone and batteries rather than the app.


Initially the settings won’t change, or shouldn’t. HOWEVER, when you update the firmware on your new tablet/phone, if it needs updating, the settings can sometimes be set back to factory settings.
There is a warning in the dji manual advising that you check your settings after an update because some settings can change.


I think @OzoneVibe is referring to when I swapped from iPhone to iPad I had to input all my yaw and gimble etc settings on the iPad. It would be worth taking a note what’s on current device and checking just to be sure.


Could have been that - and there was another about things changing when the Mavic battery was changed … I seem to recall.
RC Fn buttons ftw! :wink:


Thanks, that’s useful. I’ll be going from android phone to mini ipad


Just in case anyone searches for this in future:

The only thing that changed (oddly) was the RTH altitude. Instead of being at the height I’d set it changed to return at current altitude. Yaw, gimbal, EXP etc were all unchanged


:open_mouth: :fearful: :fearful: :fearful:

Does that happen every time you change between them?


No idea. I manged to get a free ipad mini which is now on controller duty so I’ll only put the phone back in if it’s an emergency