Charge Drone battery in 5 mins!


I spotted this article in the Guardian today (it mentions drones)…

And this video on the StoreDot website…

I’ve no idea on lead times or costs, but interesting all the same. This is a huge step forward generally.



“And up to mass adoption by consumers…”

‘Up to’? :man_facepalming:

Am I right that you have to lock your batteries in a specially cooled box because squeezing that much juice in to them that quickly heats them to roughly the surface temperature of the sun? Think I’ll wait until they’ve released version 2.0 :wink: :fire: :fire:


Samsung are making the Mkii version aka Handwarmaaaaaaaarrrrrrr

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Kind of nice for us drone owners, although I suspect the price of one battery might purchase a few ‘ordinary’ batteries. And we’d still have to land to change batteries even if one was charging while we were flying.

For electric cars, sounds great - charge up in 5 minutes and away you go.

BUT. Assume you need 25 Kilowatt hours to drive 100 miles. So with one of the 50 KW fast chargers now available you will therefore get the required charge in half an hour. With a 350 volt battery that’s charging at around 150 amps (allowing for losses). But reduce that charge time to 5 minutes, and you need a 300 KW charger, charging at 900 amps! Very thick wires needed to carry that current, for the charger cable, plugs and within the car. Furthermore assuming a ‘filling station’ has 4 outlets which is the bare minimum for current petrol and diesel pumps, a supply of 1200 KW will be required.

The average household has a 60 amp supply at 240 volts, approximately 15 KW. Very rarely is all that being used at once, so the supply system is designed to allow for what is known as diversity, i.e. nothing all switched on at the same time. Anyway for the sake of argument suppose house supplies use an average naximum of 12 Kw per household allowing for diversity. That is fairly high, but increasingly households are moving away from fossil fuels to electricity for heating… Now the ‘filling’ station will have to cater for all 4 chargers to be in use at the same time. So the power supply required, even though at times there will be no cars charging, will be much the same as that for a modern estate of 1200/12 = 100 houses!

For that to happen on any sort of scale there will have to be an enormous investment in electrical distribution networks, probably a high voltage supply with an electrical substation at each filling station. Perhaps I should buy some shares in Northern Powergrid :wink:



Some Turnigy Graphine batteries can charge at 15C. That’s 4 minutes charge time. Even more impressive is they can reach 600 cycles.
I recall charging my first ever Lipo at 0.5C and still crapping myself thinking it might blow up. Technology for Batteries has certainly moved on.

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the car bit is interesting, takes my leaf about 4 hours at home or 40 mins to 80% on the rapids. a 5 min rapid would be nice.

Not convinced by fast charging. And no matter what technology you use, can’t do much for longevity which means your e-vehicle is even less green. Why they didn’t push harder for battery replacement that can give you a full charge in a minute I’ll never know…

I believe electric agricultural vehicles do just that, swap out the batteries. It would have been a right logistical challenge for all the vehicles on the road though. Good idea in principle. One Amazon would have been capable of rising to, I think.