Charger for Mini 3 ,and mini 3 pro

Hi fellow members i recently purchased an aftermarket charger for my Mini 3 pro that charges 4 batteries plus the RC in about an hour
it is an uprated version of the Yx charger i have for my original MM
its has a built in screen and also can charge the batteries to a 60% storage level if required

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Got a link James?

i purchased it from amazon UK there are two versions,one that just charges the batteries to 100% and the uprated one that i have, just type in charger for Mini 3 pro

@Drumsagard - Hi John - this one seems to be quite popular at the moment … on Amazon

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Cheers John :+1:

I use that one it’s brilliant, cheers Len

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the one i have is the same, but has a black coloured case and leads

LYONGTECH Display Battery Charger for DJI Mini 3,Mini 3 Pro Drone,LCD 6 in 1 Rapid Multi Charging Hub

I do like the fact that you can storage charge

Bugs me that DJI can’t do this :scream:

Is the consensus these are good to use, or is there an argument to stick to OEM charging?

I’ve just ordered one, but feeling a bit on the fence.

Let us know how you get on with it Michael, you could do a review for us :wink:

I bought a similar one from the same manufacturer for my Mavic 2Z and its been great - used for years and no sign of the dreaded Mavic 2 battery bulges.

Only one point I would be careful with - on the Mavic 2 version there was no earth to the case :flushed:

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have used the Yx brand of chargers for all my drones ,and never had any issues ,
they are brilliant if you need to get all your batteries charged quickly ,i also still use my original chargers, from time to time if charging time is not an issue

I liked the look of this unit so bit the bullet and got one.
It’s a superb piece of kit, I no longer have to curse and swear when the weather forecast for the next day is wrong and I need to charge all 4 batteries. The 60% charge is also a godsend.


Seems like I might need to get one of these for my new to me Mini 2, even with the Fly More kit I got.
Thanks for sharing this.

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Can anyone recommend a charger that charges the hub fast - just a single charger (not multi) - I use my Samsung phone charger atm, but a second unit for the hub would be useful, but I need value purchase.


This is what I use, will charge at 36w in the hub. Takes about 40 min’s to fully charge one battery

I bought one of these.

I am happy with it

@notascooby For a tenner, that’s worth a try. I looked at one that is 45w as well.


And I did, works fine.

Old topic I know but wondering if anyone who has got the above 6 in 1 charger is still happy with it? I’m thinking of getting it myself but unsure, would be handy to have all batteries charged in about an hour.