Charges for filming by Council

I know its for Commercial work BUT…Why should they charge? anyone know?
Seems a chance to rip people off…

So Tom Cruise and the cast of his latest MI film wont just tip up and film


Glasgow City Council haven’t quite got the hang of this fee charging malarkey, they actually paid Warner Bros £150,000 for them to film Batman in Glasgow :man_shrugging:


I’m off to form a new company called “Warneryourmoney Brothers” to film “Fatman” in Glasgow, Fatman costume available although naturally acquired preferable… :dizzy_face:

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I work for a council and see great revenue from their film office. It’s only students they don’t charge…

I am now a student of the drone…

Is just me or does anyone else find this confusing?
It says filming any ‘event’ may require require a licence or permit. No definition of ‘event’ nor how it is determined it will require one.
It then mentions charges for commercial purposes and states -
Exceptions are made for charities, students, schools and news interviews (you will still need permission to film).
So that says to me, as an individual, none of this applies for general flying an filming provided the normal CAA rules are applied.

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Considering they do nothing for the money it can be regarded as a rip off…
Wonder what their excuse is. :roll_eyes:

It is purely another income stream for them

tthere outdated and only for commerical so basically can be disgarded :slight_smile:

But WHAT do they do for the money that’s the point…(probably supply some nerk without a clue to follow the commercial blokes around!) :roll_eyes:

Perhaps ask them, I doubt very much it’s paid in a paper bag or snorted out of the arse cracks of hookers down spearmint rhino

I’m guessing it’s your council ?

Submit an FOI request, how much income have they received in the last full set of accounts from drones and where has that income stream been spent.

I’d ask my council but their attitude is follow the drone code. One of the few good things about them :+1: