Charging the remote,mavic 2

Never tried it,but wander if you can charge RC via the full size USB on the bottom of the RC?

You mean charging itself from itself? :confused:

as in a full size usb to usb ,plugged into a computer or the car,idea is to save wear and tear on the mini usb port?

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Ah - see what you mean.

I’m 99% certain you can’t charge via the large USB port.
I’ve never known anything that accepts a charge through a large USB socket.
In fact, double checking my hoard of cables too, I can’t ever recall seeing a cable that has that same USB plug at both ends that you’d need.

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Cheers ,Dave ,i have a full size usb to usb lead,cant remember what it was from now,but yes you are right,im sure!Did see somewhere,that you can buy some kind of magnetic adapter,that you can leave plugged in the mini usb port although i dont know how that works,as i thought anything left plugged into that port disabled the bottom port?:thinking:

Into the realm of “smoke and mirrors” on this one I think.
I’ve read that you can charge through micro-USB whilst using the larger USB to your device … but ONLY if you connect the charge supply after you have the device/app connected.

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Cheers ,Dave will try that out,and if that seems to work,may look around for these magnetic adapters ,this would make charging easier,while not risking damaging the mini usb.If it does not,than will will mark up the cables so i always know the correct way up:+1::+1::grinning:

I think you will find that while one port is being used (the USB at the Bottom), the other (side port) is disabled.
I have in the past connected my Ipad to the bottom USB port, and if the plug that connects to your phone is not pulled out, it will not connect to the Ipad !

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In terms of data out - you are right - and visa versa.

As far as using the large/bottom USB and then charging (charge only cable and/or non-data charge point [battery pack]), I’ve read several times that this is possible.

Have these been discussed on the forum?

Will go into the controllers charging port any way up. Greatly reduces the risk of damaging the port.

Haven’t looked into whether there’s a UK seller for these.

Only read of positive reviews from from MP users.

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i couldnt find a UK seller when i bought mine i use these works fine

no you cant charge from the bottom usb not tried it myself read in on the dji forums somewhere

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I personally wouldn’t want to chance it, a fire waiting to happen if you ask me !

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@TassyWass cheers ,i think these will be just what i want,and save a lot of hassle:+1::+1:.ordered!:+1::+1:

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I Personally swear by these, Military grade cable.

It will either work or wont, definaty not going to catch fire.

The bottom port is probably data only, 5v and ground pins are there for sensing and but there might not be a charge controller.


Think about it, you are creating a charge loop

I have those magnetic lightening adapters on my Ipad Iphone and Mini USB on my Android and other devices.
They do save wear and tear on the ports.


One of these would solve your dilemma!, use it all the time to charge on the go !.
It will even charge your Ipad.

Yes ,they do work with data.
You turn the connector 180 degrees to get it to charge.
Turn it round and it becomes a data link !

Thanks,i do like the magnetic connectors,same as as on my mac book,have just ordered the reversible cable,as shown by tassywass,and will see how i get on,at least i wont have to worry about any ports being disabled .:+1::+1:

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