Charity work

I’m a 17 year old looking to start building my presence for drone services in my area so was thinking it would be a good idea to do some charity work.

The real question is wether a PfCO would be needed to be able to do charity work or wether it would be fine not to have one (obviously provided the normal drone code was stuck to) as the CAA doesn’t seem to be very clear about what counts as ‘commercial’.

I’d obviously prefer to not to have to have a PfCO as then I would have to wait until November (my birthday) before I would be able to do any of this!

If anyone could let me know how to go about this or what would be a good next move please let me know!

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The CAA is fairly clear. Are you offering a service to any member of the public to use? And are you receiving remuneration? If neither of those applies, it’s unlikely to be commercial in the eyes of the CAA.

You may however want to consider public liability insurance if you don’t already have it.

I would have to wait until November

After July the regs are due to change and it should no longer matter whether any flight is commercial.


Thank you, it would most likely just be a YouTube video but is social media growth counted as reimbursement? I will have a look at insurance and am also aware of the law change later this year so will keep my ears out

@GADC_Committee Is there a thread or an info post on this? I realise it may have been discussed in great depth.


Social media revenue is not treated as commercial by the CAA so long as what you post was not commissioned by someone else, see that same CAA link where they say:

While every case should be judged on its own merits, some types of arrangements are not generally considered by the CAA to be commercial operations such as: Advertising revenue received as a result of persons visiting a website or social media page where video or photographic stills shot from a UAS are displayed/posted. This is because these types of web-pages may be legitimately used to post recreational video material that was not commissioned by another party but was conceived and wholly funded by the poster.


Thanks for sharing the thread even more!

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the thing I would be careful of is that if you get permission , the club may take advantage of you , just be careful, and by all means do it . you may get stuck with it every time , I had the same happen with photography. If you happy doing it just go ahead and enjoy

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