Charmouth TOAL

Anybody know of a good spot ?

Hi Paul, are you flying <249g? Will it be a cinematic drone or FPV?

more than 249 cinematic

So to be honest I don’t know the area, but I had a look with with FRZ
National Trust and NOTAM layers on. I see lots of green spaces and terrain, the coast, and the River Char.

Assuming you’re driving, I suggest have a look at the map try find a parking spot where you could walk a couple hundred steps away from civilisation. Don’t be too close to trees, because they limit visibility, and signal strength. Launch, and explore the river, coast, etc. If you’re not driving, bus to the outskirts and find a quiet spot.

There are National Trust areas you could explore from the air. At the same time they’re interesting and feel naughty to fly. this is because NT do not like people taking off from their property (there’s a really long thread on this forum about that). You may take off from outside National Trust’s property then overfly.

Follow the Drone Code (height, separation distance and crowds) and you should be good.

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Thank you :slight_smile: