Chatterley Whitfield Abandoned Mine

My latest video of the mine, fantastic place to go. Plenty of places to fly from and no hassle from anyone.


nice video , very well done, what drone did you use

Thanks, Mavic Pro Platinum

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Ooooerrrr, cracking video, I’m in Stoke twice a week I’ll have to pay that place a visit, my Mrs is a stokie she’ll know where it is :grin::grin::+1:
It’ll give us something different to argue about instead of football teams :joy::joy::joy:

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Thanks all. If your up that way it’s worth visiting

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nice video great light

Brilliant video thanks for sharing. Is there any way of getting some close ups lower down, or going through some of the structures? That seems to add another dimension in other videos I’ve seen. It’s definitely got me thinking about how to shoot my next video! It also makes me ask a question, do we have a bias and go counter clockwise when panning around the focal point?

Have a look at Jay Glenn’s video. We were there together and he has bigger balls than me. Too many cables and trees about for my liking so I tend to stay higher up.
Misses wouldn’t be too happy if I went home with the drone in pieces.
Also when I did get near to the metal structures, started to get some interference. Not worth the risk for me.


Yes not sure I would have the cahoonies either!! What does Jay Glenn go by the name of on here?



Great video and history lesson I loved that well done you :ok_hand:

Top job!