Chatterley Whitfield Colliery

So i was here yesterday. This has to be the most difficult vid to date. I have THAT MUCH footage i didnt know which to include and which not… So i think i may make another one at some point… Anyway, hope you enjoy it.


Like the superb moiré on the fence, mid frame, @ 2:21 … and flying through the pithead! :+1:


GRRRRRR!!! I have only gone and missed the ‘d’ of Whitfield in the title… FFS!!
Trust the mother-in-law to spot that…

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I hadn’t noticed.

I was probably waiting to see how you introduced the colour. :wink:

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I remember visiting that site as a kid with the school, went down the pit. if i remember the museum has ceased to exist which is a pity

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Tells a story ! Makes you think of all the folk involved. Foundry workers casting the machinery, construction gangs putting it together, miners doing the job. How local families got through when the industry closed. Now nature re-claiming the land etc. Perfect sound track. :+1:

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The “why” is the 10 minute limit … but I’ve changed if for you. :+1:

Thank you!

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Nice one. I love that kind of subject matter (is it still called urban decay even though it’s industrial?). It evokes such strong feelings of nostalgia.

Beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

Nice video, I was also there flying, nice location on 14 /2/19.