Chatterley Whitfield September '23

Some other views of Chatterley Whitfield Colliery in Stoke.


Nice shots :+1:

As a member of the Friends of Chatterley Whitfield there, I have been helping out by doing some photo shots and videos of the roofs as there is no other way that they can be checked. The council who own the site will not let us into 95% of the buildings or let us do anything to help preserve them so this way gives us a chance to have a look at what is needed without having to enter the fenced off areas so all the photos and videos are fully official. I am sure, in my view, that all the council wants to do is let the buildings decay into such a state that they either fall down or are unable to be restored so that they can flatten it all and build houses on the land so that they can get loads of extra council tax money. don’t forget that Stoke City Council is almost bankrupt.


Why not share them here :wink:

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Great Shots and Sad to see how our Great Industrious Revolution Decaying over Time ,
Alex London ,

Most of the buildings there have Historic England listed status and they are not pleased with Stoke Councils attitude in the slightest. I think that the council needs a very good kick in the pants.

At present I don’t have that many. I seem to be a bit unlucky at present as my original drone :slightly_frowning_face:, a P3 Std, went a AWOL and had a mishap which resulted in the destruction of the camera. My present one, a P3 advanced, I am still trying to get to grips with having lost control and nearly loosing it, along with a few problems with ‘stuttering’ transmitted videos and exposure concerns where the videos go dark when any skylight is captured. It’s just some things the I have to look at myself and as soon as I can sort it out I will certainly put some of the videos on here. :ok_hand:

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