Cheap Beaver

As the title suggests, Armattan are having a 3 day flash sale store wide 25% off. Perfect time to grab some cheap Beaver :beaver:

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I’ve already got one on the way!

I’ve been planning to upgrade my old QAV210 frame to be a second beaver for a while and this price reduction came along at a good time.

Also don’t forget to take advantage of Armattan’s flat rate $7.50 worldwide postage. It’s not failed me yet! :slight_smile:

After having a quick look they also sell a limited assortment of FC and ESC plus various other things and the discount is store wide :+1:t2:

Yeah… I had a look around myself and just plumped for a few spare beaver parts. Most supplementary camera (gopro) mounts wrap around the 20mm standoff on the top of the camera cage and it’s useful to have spares to keep inside the TPU when switching mounts. For instance my Beaver looks like this at the moment…

Flight video to come… I had to get the EDF Jet one done first.

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Thats a serious eyeball you have strapped to that :laughing:

I mean, how could I not?


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You’ve just got to love beavers…

‘Cheap Beaver’ in the title. Click bait at its best

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Pulled you in for a look :eyes: :laughing:

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Cheap beavers was the reason I was always skint as a youth :wink:

I would settle for cheap beaver over expensive.

@Yith, am I allowed to not be in the know and ask WTF that is? Is the quad front heavy?

One of these?

Unless he’s captured Wheatley from Portal 2. :grin:

Suppose it’s cheaper than a GoPro and even a ThumbPro.

The downside it is a 360deg camera. I find the videos annoying to watch.

Its just a different way of filming… don’t worry loads of go pro footage will follow.

Is there like a set of 3d glasses or something to allow you to watch it normally, or is it just a video that looks like you took acid and can no longer process imagery in a normal way?.

You can upload it as full 360. With the ability to look around manually or view in 3d glasses.

For this one however I wanted to play around with the effects and converted it to normal 2d. I personally think its better as you can guide people what to look at.

Just straight 360 is rather crappy for the viewer unless they know what to do and the subject is right.

This one is supposed to be trippy, disorienting and weird… that was the plan.

Oh ok, I saw that the Pavo came in a 360 variant, but after watching the video from it, it was, well, hard to watch and the camera was stupid expensive. I don’t think I really go in for that sort of photography.

I bought this camera several years ago. 360 was relatively new and it was not that expensive. I was messing about with VR at the time and it was an extension on “Cardboard Camera” that I’d been messing with.

Its been residing on a shelf for a while. Samsung dropped support for it from their latest phones and the PC software won’t work on my main PC because the graphics card is too new.

I thought I may as well chuck it on a drone since I managed to get it working with my laptop and its not that valuable now.

I don’t think I’d spend the money they’re asking for the modern 360 cameras and I didn’t pay that much for this one.