Cheap, robust drone - Vietnam

Hi all
Mate from work is travelling around Vietnam later on this summer. He’s looking for a cheap, small, robust drone companion that takes reasonable footage. Any suggestions? He’s not flown before but wants to get one more so he can familiarise himself ahead of travels. I’d say under £500…

I’ve never flown one, but the results of the Mavic Air and its size would be the one I’d go for.

OK - new is currently £769 - and you need a few batteries,

A good second-hand one would be about the right price.


Another consideration is the Vietnamese Drone Rules.

If followed to the letter - that first rule would make me hesitate … but I have no idea how strictly they enforce things.
Could depend on where he goes … enforced in tourist hot-spots and nobody gives a **** in the sticks.

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I’ve owned the Mavic Air and its a great drone, extremely capable and packs up small. Below that is the spark, which I’ve never flown but which You Tube vids would suggest isnt bad (but not 4K like Air, only HD).

The thing against the Spark, IMO, is range … being only WiFi.

I’d want a bit of range if I was going to Vietnam … for the views and stable connection.

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Mavic Air is only WIFI too though. I’d get about 600m max from it before it dropped.

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Ah - my bad.

Better make my recommendation the MP, then. :wink:


Mind - with Litchi (not Spark, I believe?) …. the MA range is awesome! :wink:


Litchi supports Spark too now!


Tello? pmsl


Personally, I wouldn’t. It’s a great place visit but you wouldn’t want to run foul of the local rozzers.

“You need to have local friends who know you and recommend you to receive this authorization.”


“You must first apply for and receive a permit for each flight to operate a drone in Vietnam.”

“Always ask the local authorities before making any flight in public spaces”

It’s a bribers delight, plus most of the country has some sort of “sensitive area” nearby. I didn’t see a single one in the air when I was there.


Looks like a typical “Confiscation Syndrone” to me!.
If it were me. would not even bother to pack it from what I have read !.
I was thinking of a Cruise there next year, but, thought the better of it, due to restrictions !.

Sadly I think @leeheyes & @chrisjohnbaker have probably nailed the only sensible course of action.

If my mate had more time, xp and knew how and when to covertly / responsibly fly, then I’d be tempted to suggest either an Air or a Spark. As it stands, he could easily get into a world of pain and I don’t want to explain to his mum how he ended up playing Russian Roulette with Christopher Walken for 30k VND!:flushed::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

He looks and sounds quite a lot like a love child from Lily Potter and Jack Whitehall… He wouldn’t do well in prison!

Thanks all👍


From what I have read above the regulations in Vietnam sound very similar to India, you have to register with the equivalent of our CAA and use their app to obtain permission for each flight, otherwise you can’t fly, and also only Indian nationals can fly.

All that said I flew in Goa without any issues, hardly saw a policeman while I there, never mind one that would know about drone legislation. I also could have flown from the roof of the block of flats that I was staying at in the suburbs of Delhi. Obviously discretion would be needed, I didn’t take it with me to a National run tourist site, which is a shame as you could get some great shoots.


You have to go with a spark I have a phantom 4 and a spark my phantom gathering dust I love my spark get the fly more combo in that price