Cheaper Eachine kit

Far Eastern tat slinger temporarily slashes Eachine drone prices:

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I’ve seen Banggood do this before, and if you’re not a regular visitor to their site it can be easy to be lured in.

As an example: They have the Eachine Tyro79 listed at £87.86, claiming it’s marked down by 8%. However I purchased this same kit from their UK warehouse a couple of weeks ago and paid £72ish. I tried to order it earlier this year, it was about £65 then from the UK warehouse, only to have my money refunded as there was no stock.

Banggood are not exactly being untruthful but I believe they are stretching the truth a little. The percentage they claim the item is reduced by is in relation to what they say the full RRP would be.


Banggood currently have a sale on Eachine stuff! can pick up a wizard RTF for very little cash atm probably the best option for anyone wanting to try out FPV and not spend much flys better than that DJI monstrosity for 1/10th the price too!

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